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About Eve.

I add value because of my experience over the years and network in the film industry


Sailing in the waves of the writer’s mind to the director imagination and bringing these imagination into life has always been my passion.

From a tender age of 15 years l have been known in building characters, making blood and wounds with anything that could suit my creativity, until graduation.

The craving to create took me to set from 1991 and the journey never stopped up to today am enjoying the life experience in artistry world.

I am inspired with each new production I work on, being taken into flash backs of Period stories and the present life ,it gives my heart pleasure of all transformations I do. The long hours and working under pressure has refined my patience to achieve quality results of work. Learning new skills and interacting with cast and crew gives me a belonging to the film world.

Application of prosthetic pieces, twisting of hair and weaves, curlers, wigs application and maintenance, beards and moustaches, hair flocking and cutting ,brushes with make up palettes, out of kit wounds, blood ,dirt and sweat are all ingredients of my work. The world would be the same without a story, director and the hand of an artist.

This brings laughter and joy all the way.

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